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The Evolution of Recruiting Looks Like This

Video and Verified Metrics. These are the two things that college coaches NEED in order to put you on their radar to start following you at an early age so that they can make you a scholarship offer when they're allowed. It's also the easiest way to get coaches the updates they need throughout your career from their most trusted source. The Scout Underclass Pass allows players in 9th grade and below to update their verified pro skills video with Scout and update their metrics throughout their career. You'll need to update video and metrics multiple times before offers can be made and Scout has made it affordable and easy to do just that.

It's simple, sign-up for the Underclass Pass at any time before June of your Sophomore year. You'll be able to attend a Scout "Regional Showcase" which is where we film and verify player's metrics. Any time you want to come back and update your pro skills video from Scout, you'll only pay $50. You can update your metrics at any Scout "Regional Showcase" for FREE any time you wish with the Underclass Pass. Your pass is valid from the time our purchase through your high school career. You can re-film your Junior Year, Senior Year, or even come back after your freshman or sophomore year of Junior College.

Scout Softball has been the leader in pro video and verified metrics for 9-years and we look forward to walking with you on your journey to your dream school.


Upcoming Regional Showcase Schedule

4/14/19 St Louis, MO
4/20/19 Oklahoma City, OK
4/20/19 Austin, TX
4/28/19 Seattle, WA
5/5/19 Chicago, IL
5/5/19 Blacksburg, VA
6/2/19 Dallas, TX
6/10/19 Atlanta, GA

6/11/19 San Antonio, TX
6/13/19 Tampa, FL
6/17/19 Phoenix, AZ
6/17/19 Des Moines, IA
6/30/19 Denver, CO
7/9/19 Chattanooga, TN
9/7/19 Houston, TX
9/8/19 Fairfax, VA
9/14/19 Dallas, TX
9/15/19 Phoenix, AZ
9/21/19 Chicago, IL
9/22/19 Oklahoma City, OK
9/28/19 Seattle, WA
9/29/19 Tampa, FL
10/19/19 St Louis, MO
11/30/19 San Antonio, TX

After you purchase your Underclass Pass, Scout Softball will e-mail you a coupon code to register for your initial Scout Regional Showcase.





Comprehensive Scout Workout (running times, throwing velocity, defense, hitting)

Eligible To Be Chosen for Scout Invitation Only Showcase Events

Scout Player Profile

Listing in Scout National Player Rankings

Event Guaranteed to be Watched by Over 100 Colleges Online and results available to 100% of Colleges

Chance to be Featured on Scout Social Media Platforms (over 40,000 followers)

Re-film your next Scout Skills Video for only $50 FOREVER (including if you play JUCO softball after High School)

Attend any Scout Regional Showcase to update metrics for FREE FOREVER (including if you play JUCO softball after High School)

Professionaly Filmed and Edited HD Basic Skills Video On Your Profile (1 camera angle of offense and defense) 


Professionaly Filmed and Edited HD Premium Skills Video On Your Profile (2 camera angles of offense and defense plus home to 1B running)





*Note, The Scout Underclass Pass is retroactive to January 1, 2019, meaning any player who actively has participated in or signed up for a Scout Showcase taking place in 2019 is automatically enrolled in an Underclass Pass, as long as they meet age restrictions. Contact to verify your status and to redeem your Underclass Pass.

Registraton includes 1-defensive position during a Regional Showcase. Use the link below to add an extra defensive position to your Underclass Pass and play multiple positions every time you attend a Regional Showcase.


Basic and Premium Video Samples By Position

Basic Video Pitcher

Premium Video Pitcher

Basic Video Catcher

Premium Video Catcher

Basic Video Outfield

Premium Video Outfielder

Basic Video Short Stop

Premium Video Short Stop

Basic Video 3B & 1B

Premium Video 3B & 1B

Basic Video 2B

Premium Video 2B




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