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Blog Post: 9/3/18 "Self-Esteem's Impact on Recruiting" by Mark Mulvany

This morning I’ve got self-esteem on my mind. The deeper I get into the Scout Recruiting Management program, the more I understand how low self-esteem can impact a player’s recruiting journey. One of the most important parts of our process with SRM is to really understand the players that we are working with. We HAVE to know what they want out of their college experience and what their expectations are.

One thing they do early in the program is build their personal brand. We work with players to understand their strengths and how to market those strengths. What I’ve noticed right away is that self-esteem is playing a major role in recruiting. When I have a player list their “features” in a few different categories I’m usually shocked.

You may think that a player who has the ability to play for a PAC 12 school would really understand her value even if the root of her low self-esteem is completely unrelated to softball. That’s not how self-esteem works. A player can still have confidence in her abilities while on the field and perform at the highest level while having low self-esteem, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the low value that absolutely great young ladies assign to themselves, who are the best of the best their generation has to offer.

From day 1, one of my goals with Scout was to help build self-esteem. Being scouted or evaluated isn’t always something a player sees as positive, even though it’s the best way to get on a college’s radar. They’re judged every day at school for how they look, what clothes they wear, what music they listen to and who they hang out with. The last thing a player wants to do on the weekend is have someone tell them how bad they are at the one thing they really love.

So, we made sure our process is one that builds the player UP, not tear them down. We are there to prove why you CAN play at the next level and to lend support. Scout is about letting 1,600 college programs know what you CAN DO, not about what you can’t do.

When it comes to recruiting and marketing though, low self-esteem is playing a large role. First, a player truly needs to understand their strengths in order to have a consistent marketing program. With SRM, I’m able to help a player understand her strengths, which are usually quite different from what she thought they were. In fact, the players really struggle to find 5 nice things to say about themselves in many cases. Let’s not mistake being humble for low self-esteem, which is a serious issue.

I’m worried that a lot of players don’t even start the process of communication with coaches because of how they perceive their value. Like I said earlier, a player’s ability to hit a 65 MPH riseball and the confidence she has in that situation doesn’t necessarily mean that she has a belief in her personal value or think that she’s good enough to play at Texas A&M. Low self-esteem can stop a player from communicating at all with a coach.

If a player is able to communicate with a school, then low self-esteem will impact the communication that they’re having. If a player is contacting a school that they don’t think they’re good enough to play at, what are they actually saying in the e-mail? If you’re not convinced you’re good enough to play for a program then your communication will reflect that. That’s why we work so hard with our players to make sure that their marketing plan is reflective of who they REALLY ARE and the value that they offer to colleges.

I am truly blessed to be in a position to help build self-esteem in athletes. This game is full of great coaches at all levels that are there to build up the self-esteem of the young women that deserve to see themselves the way the rest of the world does. Building self-esteem builds a better life and may be the greatest impact any of us can have in the softball community.

Mark Mulvany

President - Scout Softball



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