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Orange, CA | 12/22-12/23/18

Open to Players in Graduating Classes 2019-2024

Welcome to the Orange, CA Scout Regional Showcase. At this event you will joining a Scout Softball team for a weekend of competition and recruiting. The event starts where your team is taken through the Scout filmed workout session including defensive workouts, batting practice along with verified running times and throwing/pitching velocities. From there, your Scout Team will compete against other teams in 3-filmed games. You'll be able to add highlights from your game performance to your Scout Game Highlight Page after the event. There will be an on-site recruiting workshop at this event as well.

Registration is based on your Primary Position. You may register for a secondary position and play this position in your skills video and during games (if available). The number of spots left at each position are listed below.

Current Spots Open



Corner Infield

Middle Infield








Results Sent to 100% of Colleges

Profile and Video Placed in College Softball's Largest Recruiting Database

Scout Player Rating

Consideration for National Player Rankings

Consideration for National Showcases

Digital Home to 1B times

Overhand Velocity

Pitching Velocity (*if pitching)

Position Specific Defensive Workout

Batting Practice

3-Filmed Games


Registration Options

Basic Skills Video $249

Premium Skills Video $449

All the benefits above featuring an individual skills video of your performance to your Scout player profile. Allow 100% colleges to see how you perform in a college-like setting . Upgrade to a Premium Skills Video where you'll receive all the benefits above, PLUS we'll capture your performance from a second camera angle, giving 100% of colleges a more complete view of your skills.


Registraton includes 1-defensive position during the defensive workout and testing. Use the link below to add an extra defensive position to your registration. There is no limit on how many defensive positions a player may play at a single event.


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