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Why have our 475+ Division 1 alumni been able to move through the recruiting process faster than their competition? They provide colleges professional video, verified metrics and are armed with the top recruiting tools available. Start your journey to your dream school at a Scout Showcase.

Individual Player Showcases

2018 Scout All-American Games

Registration Link
10/1/17 Des Moines, IA click to register
10/7/17 Providence, RI click to register
St Louis, MO
Doniphan, MO
St Louis, MO
San Antonio, TX
Richmond, VA
Houston, TX
Orange, CA
Lakeland, FL
coming soon
Edison, NJ
coming soon
Austin, TX
coming soon
Houston, TX
coming soon
Dallas, TX
coming soon
Chicago, IL
coming soon
Blacksburg, VA
coming soon
TBD Phoenix, AZ coming soon


The company that changed how individual players connect with college coaches are now bringing our modern recruiting events and technology to Select Teams. Scout recently announced the addition of a Select Team Division and our first Scout World Series to take place next Summer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Click HERE to learn more.

Upcoming Select Team Tournaments

2018 National Team Showcase Dates

St Charles, IL plays host to the Scout Midwest Select Showcase on October 7th and 8th. 7-years ago Scout created a more efficient and faster process for colleges to discover individual players and now we're bringing that formula to select teams. While they may not be there in person, Division 1 schools from across the nation will be able to scout this tournament more efficiently than if they were watching in person. Click here to learn more

8/15/17: Scout Softball announces National Team Showcase Dates for 2018. One major change on the schedule replaces the West Coast National which has been held in So Cal for 5-years with Denver, CO. The Denver event will take place just prior to the start of Colorado week and will be the lsat opportunity to qualify for the 2018 Scout All-American Games.

Congratulations to the Charge, the 2017 Scout All-American Skills Contest Champions and winners of the 2017 Scout All-American Games Tournament. The Charge becomes the winner of the sports longest and most prestigious All-American event at the 6th annual Scout All-American Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Click HERE to watch their road to the championship in the Scout Softball official video "Charge To The Championship."


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